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New Year's Revolution CD Embroidery

No, the title does not have a typo! How about a New Year’s revolution against clutter, starting with the piles on your desk or kitchen counter! Here to help on the front lines in the battle are two versions of a hanging organizer, or “hanginizer”, if you will, completed entirely in the 6x10 hoop. One version features scalloped pocket edges for a feminine look, and the other, straight edges. Both styles have four pocket variations, each with different quilting motifs and optional wording (or add your own!) as well as the option of splitting each pocket into 2 compartments (I split my bottom pocket to create a charging station for my cell phone!). The pockets all feature front and back fabrics, dense fleece batting, and firm fusible interfacing to maintain their shape. The bases of each pocket also feature front and back fabrics, along with an inner stiffener, and the top base features eyelets for hanging. Although both samples feature only 4 pockets (finished size 23”x9”), the project is designed for adding additional pockets if you wish. And to help a bit more, there are three file folders that will accommodate 3x5 index cards, each folder with its tab in a different position.

PJ's In the Hoop is distributed by Anita Goodesign and was not included with any club.

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